Visiting Fellows / current semester

Name Fellowship period Link to Content Program Last Fellowship
Teresa Baron - /program/jan-patocka-fellowship Jan Patočka Fellowship Commissioning Parents
Uilleam Blacker - Tamara Hundorova: "The Emerging Word: The Discourse of Early Ukrainian Modernism" (UKR > ENG)
Ray Brandon - /program/ukraine-in-european-dialogue Ukraine in European Dialogue Prof. Hans Koch in the Second World War
Amanda Coakley - /program/europes-futures-ideas-for-action
Europe’s Futures - Ideas for Action<br/>Milena Jesenská Fellowship for Journalists The Rise of Ultra-Conservatism in Central Europe and the Decline of Women’s Reproductive Rights
Ágoston Fáber - /program/paul-celan-fellowship-for-translators Paul Celan Fellowship for Translators Pierre Bourdieu and Loïc Wacquant: Invitation to Reflexive Sociology [Invitation à la sociologie reflexive] (FRE > HUN)
Ulrike Flader - /program/guests-of-the-institute Guests of the Institute Governing through Contradictions: An Anthropological Study of Soft Authoritarian Government in Turkey
Victoria Fomina - /program/ceu-visiting-fellowship CEU Visiting Fellowship The Rebel Frontier: Regionalism and Anti-Kremlin Protest in the Russian Far East
Aleksandra Gagić - /program/see-graduate-scholarships SEE Graduate Scholarships „Pervoe učenie [...] nazivaemoe Bukvar" in the Context of Zaharija Orfelin's Enlightenment Activity
Tomáš Glanc - /program/jan-patocka-fellowship Jan Patočka Fellowship Ideologien des Slawentums
Andrzej Gniazdowski - /program/jozef-tischner-fellowship Józef Tischner Fellowship The Political Applications of Phenomenology
Sebastian Haug - /program/guests-of-the-institute Guests of the Institute The “World's Conscience” and the “World's Guru”
Oksana Klymenko - /program/ukraine-in-european-dialogue Ukraine in European Dialogue Constructing the Workers' Memoirs of DniproHES (1920s-1930s)
Olivia Lazard - /program/europes-futures-ideas-for-action Europe’s Futures - Ideas for Action How Can the EU's Green Agenda Go Global?
Zoran Nechev - /program/europes-futures-ideas-for-action Europe’s Futures - Ideas for Action Internal and External Understanding of EU’s Strategic Autonomy: How to Adapt to the New Realities
Janka Oertel - /program/europes-futures-ideas-for-action Europe’s Futures - Ideas for Action Need for Speed? Europe, China, and the Competition for the Green Tech Transition
Soli Özel - /program/europes-futures-ideas-for-action Europe’s Futures - Ideas for Action A History of Turkey’s Future and its Implications for Europe
Oana Popescu-Zamfir - /program/europes-futures-ideas-for-action Europe’s Futures - Ideas for Action Weaponizing Society vs. Building Collective Resilience
Wojciech Przybylski - /program/europes-futures-ideas-for-action Europe’s Futures - Ideas for Action Future Europe as a Superpower: Voices from CEE
Noga Sagi - /program/hebrew-university-fellowship Hebrew University Fellowship Cultural Diplomacy and Collective Memory: Reviewing Austrian-Israeli Relations