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Network Faculty Seminars

Deadline: 15 November 2021

The Hannah Arendt Humanities Network (HAHN) invites proposals from OSUN faculty who are interested in hosting visiting faculty members from across OSUN. Network Faculty Seminars allow faculty at OSUN schools to co-teach a course with a distinguished faculty member from another OSUN institution. This is an opportunity to develop a course and syllabus with a colleague from across OSUN.

The Faculty Visitor will have an opportunity to be present onsite for one week to give lectures and meet with students. After that week the Network Faculty Visitor will then follow up with online lectures and interactions over the course of a semester. The local co-professor will coordinate the course and be responsible for grading and assignments. These seminars aim to allow access across the OSUN networks to top faculty who will visit and help teach courses across the liberal arts. 

Topics can range from political theory and humanities to human rights, philosophy, and law. Faculty members and their institutions are awarded funds in the form of sub-grants from HAHN. These grants cover travel, per diems, and accommodations. 

Past faculty seminars have included lectures on Arendt’s On Violence and current topics in Central Asian politics, humanities and affairs. Past individual lectures at AUCA & Al Quds Bard, together with the end of term workshop, showcased OSUN’s commitment to the humanities by providing opportunities for students to work with established scholars in the humanities from across the network.

Interested faculty should email proposals to Roger Berkowitz and Jake Rivers.

PASIFIC fellowships 

Deadline: 30 December 2021

The PASIFIC Fellowship Programme is a unique opportunity for researchers who want to undertake state-of-the-art research in a dynamic scientific environment. It will enable scholars of all nationalities and across all scientific disciplines to establish their scientific independence and conduct ground-breaking research. 

For 2 years, the fellows will be hosted at one of the institutes within the Polish Academy of Sciences (PAS), which is one of the most prestigious research institutions in Poland. They will have the freedom to choose their research area, research supervisor, host institute as well as secondment organisations best suited for their research and career development. 

The PASIFIC Fellows will be offered a monthly allowance of approx. €2,500 net. Those, who decide to come to Poland together with their families, may be entitled to an additional family allowance. In addition, they will be granted a research budget of up to €93,000 per project. 

Call 2 open from 15 September to 30 December 2021.

Polish Institute of Advanced Studies (PIASt) Fellowship

Deadline: 10 November 2021

Polish Institute of Advanced Studies PIASt is an independent centre of research located in Warsaw. It offers a base for an international community of high-level scholars willing to devote themselves entirely to their research work, while being freed from their usual teaching and administration constraints.

PIASt invites applications for 5- or 10-month research fellowships, starting their residencies from October 2021 or March 2022.


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